The Way How We Reuse Old RePacks

5 December 2017

As you may know, one RePack can be reused at least 20 times. But how can we upcycle RePacks and reuse them after this? Now we have a solution: RePack backpacks!

Our Head Designer Juha Mäkelä has made hundreds of prototypes of RePacks, including bags, at his studio.

We wanted to close the RePack loop and upcycle the material. The result was a bit like cubism, first you break it and then you build it again in a different way, Juha tells how everything started.

RePack backpack combines almost worthless material with high-quality leather and genuine felt.

We have created an interesting combination of contrasts with function.

At the moment there are only a few unique and handmade RePack backpacks. In the future, this will be one way to give a new life to our old RePacks as we are going to start RePack backpack production during the next year. Later on, there will also be shoulder bags and tote bags.

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The Way How We Reuse Old RePacks
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