First returnable seminar bag at a CDP event in Munchen

17 October 2014
16 October RePack visited ubercool headquarters of BMW at BMW World at CDP Climate Leadership Awards . Why?

Because this super cool person called Kim Grebe from CDP’s Berlin office was researching “cool innovative startups on the internet” this summer for CDP’s main event in Germany this year. And Kim ended up discovering our site!

Kim saw something she liked, picked up the phone and called me in Helsinki to invite RePack to the innovation arena of the event to present our reusable e-commerce packaging innovation to 300 CSR directors and professionals from companies such as DHL, Puma, Hugo Boss and Lufthansa.

Yeah, why not I thought.

(Honestly, I was jumping from joy).

CDP is the most popular sustainability reporting initiatives in the world and they’re growing rapidly. And no wonder when they put on events like this! I’ve never been to such a well organised but still relaxed and fun corporate event. Well done CDP!

Anyway, along the way someone noted that disposable seminar bags are stupid. We at RePack think disposable things are always stupid and were happy that CDP shared our worry and decided to do something about it.

So this wednesday in Munchen you could see 300 CSR professionals and one double olympic gold medalist walking away carrying reusable and returnable seminar bag. We have pictures to prove it!

It will be interesting to see how many of them are returned. We hope all of them as every RePack that is returned goes back to RePack using webstore to be used as a delivery pack for someone’s online shopping.

Brilliant event, lots of fun, great discussions and perfect way to start RePack’s small European Tour.

Next up is Techcrunch Disrupt in London 21 and 22 October where RePack is part of the Arctic Startup Nordic Pavilion followed by Nordic’s biggest packaging summit in Helsingborg, Sweden this coming wednesday.

Keep Peace CDP!

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