First volume customer - Varusteleka

2 February 2014

Not only do they have tens of thousands of interesting items, they spend a lot of time of describing them in detail. Varusteleka's item descriptions have become legendary in the internet folklore.

Whole new packaging generation was designed for Varusteleka.

New design has several advantages over disposable packaging.

First, it scales better to cover the requirements of variety of sizes that need packing. One RePack size replaces six disposable packaging sizes. Secondly, it's lighter to carry and return. Last but not least, it has a handle to help you carry your goods home!

RePack deposit at Varusteleka is 5 ? and once packaging is returned, user receives 10 ? voucher for their troubles and packaging is reused. For now it's only available in Finland. http://www.varusteleka.com/en/

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