Interview with the Santa - Our Number One Fan!

21 December 2016

Santa Claus - Joulupukki in Finnish - could not hide his excitement when seeing RePack for the first time.

You know, it's my job to deliver happiness to everyone in the world but seeing all those packages thrown away after one day...I can't take it, usually it takes 364 days to recover from that so I'm basically unable to work for almost a year.

Seeing that you guys had come up with this massive 45 Litre Size L really opened my eyes. Now I can use RePack for everything. That's just great! You know, I think this whole RePack thing is the biggest innovation I've seen in the last 375 years!

Many of our customers have been asking how RePack works and Santa faces the same question - every year. How on earth do you make it in time to all those places in 24 hours?

Well, it's pretty simple and not really a secret - all it takes is a careful planning and good team. My elves are everything to me.

Seeing RePack in more than 20 new stores and two new countries this year has made Santa a very happy man.

It makes my life so much easier when presents are delivered in RePacks. I know I will see the same packages next year and with some history. That's some story, almost as impressive as my logistics, and I heard you're opening in Germany and Denmark soon?

Yes, that's correct Santa. More stores coming just after Christmas!

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