Join #TrashFreeDay on 5 June!

5 June 2017

Today in the celebration of World Environment Day we are organizing traditional Trash Free Day -campaign with many of our web stores. Participating stores are delivering all online purchases in a RePack!

It is a great day to test and get to know our returnable and reusable packaging option.

With our campaign, we want to increase the awareness of packaging waste, which is a big environmental problem. The aim of the campaign is to show people that your own actions - choosing trash free packaging options such as RePack - can have a positive impact on the environment.

Our circular packaging service reduces packaging waste by over 90 % and CO2 by 80 %.

All online deliveries in a RePack from 20 web stores

All of these stores are participants on Trash Free Day: Afriek, ApteekkiShop, DENTTABS, Ecosto, Finlayson, FRENN, Globe Hope, Erämaailma, Scandinavian Outdoor, Shave Club Finland.

These stores are using RePack packaging for all of their online purchases every day: Arela, ByOni, Costo, DGTL, Magliamo, MUD Jeans, Nudge, Pure Waste, Ragbag, Zazu Amsterdam.

Why don't you start #Repacking today and have a #TrashFreeDay with us by choosing RePack!

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