RePack now with added Social Responsibility

24 January 2017

RePack volumes are growing quickly so we needed to find a partner to handle our growing returns. And not just any partner. We wanted someone with a purpose.

So once again our trusted customer Varusteleka helped us out and hinted about Orton Pro, an organisation maintained by the Orton Foundation for people with disabilities.

The (social) function of the Orton Foundation is to work to enable as many people as possible to function as full-fledged members of Finnish society.

Logistics with a heart.

Orton Pro rehabilitates and coaches people with disabilities, addictions or other limitations disadvantageous for them on the labour market.

We immediately liked their approach. We believe that RePack as a business can be a force of good, not just for the environment but the society as a whole.

So once we had visited Orton we were sold.

Since the end of December RePack's have been returned to Orton's facilities and we know your packages are in good hands. Helping people rehabilitate back to working life while reducing packaging trash.

New hub planned in Central Europe

Orton is now our Nordic return centre solution. To our delight we're growing quickly, and need to figure out how to organise returns in other regions. We are working on setting up a logistics centre in Central Europe.

New hub will reduce the environmental impact of returns even further and increase the efficiency of RePack cycles, while adding a social sustainability component to our service. Our goal is that the next hub and the next hub are built together with a Social Enterprise such as Orton.

If you know a potential partner please let us know!

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