RePack secures funding from Servea Ltd

15 June 2014

"Wow! Happy days!" said Leader of The RePack, Jonne Hellgren once the agreement was signed to welcome funding from Servea Ltd. Servea leads the kauppapalvelu online shop for food delivery in regions of southern Finland http://www.kauppapalvelu.fi/servea/

Combined with money matched by the Finnish technology fund this investment totals close to 200 000 ?. The deal was completed in May.

This investment allows RePack to scale packaging to international markets and test reusable packaging solutions in other segments, especially in food, furniture, medicine and electronic goods. We have been working on fashion for a while, and now we are ready to scale RePack's operations to other industries and regions. At the same this investment allows us to test new products and pilot within additional industries. It's about time to get rid of disposable packaging and seize the opportunities that reusability offers us.

We at RePack team would like to thank especially Rolf Therman, Board member of Servea Ltd., for his instrumental role in engineering this investment. We are really super pleased to see Rolf continuing in his role as Chairman of the Board at RePack.

Now are really looking forward to working with Servea Ltd. They are one of the few success stories in very challenging space of food and e-logistics. We also welcome Ms Marika Peiponen to RePack's Board and team. RePack was in need of some girl power in our fight against disposable packaging.

Do you think you can help us? Know a good webstore who’d be interested in using RePack? Let us know - email jonne@originalrepack.com. Big thanks in advance!

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