RePack is delivered as an all inclusive circular packaging service

Woman carrying RePack reusable packaging

Reusable packaging

RePack packaging comes in three sizes.

Packaging materials are 100% recycled too!

Download our packaging information here

Prepaid returns

Empty packaging is simply flattened and returned from anywhere in the world, free of charge.

Simply drop it into a postbox.

We take care of the rest.

Rewards system

Once RePack is returned user is rewarded with a voucher.

Webstores get their customer back, users save money and there's no trash.

What's not to like?

Customer satisfaction, guaranteed

We regularly go back to our end users for feedback and share it with our webstores. You will get up to date information on your RePack users customer happiness.
End user management

This includes automated voucher returns and reuse communication.

RePack sends reminders to customers to encourage returns and collect feedback.
Website content & communications

We help you to communicate and increase awareness of your brand’s involvement in RePack with the help of our microsite that is easily embedded into your webstore.
Increased sales

RePack is a movement of heavy e-commerce users who behave in a more loyal way than your average customers.

Our data shows up to 60% of RePack vouchers are claimed. We do deliver on loyalty.
Customer Service

We are in this together, our success in removing packaging trash is dependant on yours.

We are ready to help you any time, anywhere.

Packaging & Logistics
Packaging cycle management

We handle all your empty RePack returns.

RePack's are cleaned, checked and redistributed to ensure you always have sufficient RePack packaging in stock.
Savings in packaging costs

Do you ship air to your customers?

RePack is designed to be scaleable. That means you won't be shipping air to or from your customers ever again. Simple way to save.
Labelling solutions

We have worked very hard with global labelling and sealing suppliers to meet the needs of reusable packaging labels.

Our labels seal the packaging, are easy to use and peel off without leaving any residue.

Valued customers

Our data shows RePack users are e- commerce heavy users. They spend 30 % more on average and shop more often.

RePack will help you to serve your most valued customers better.
Publicity within the RePack community

New and old brands are promoted to our growing online community throughour web site, store and social media channels.
Customised packaging

We are designers at heart and we will co-create with you packaging solutions that t your brand be it size, shape or visual identity.

Easy implementation

RePack has been implemented on various E-commerce platforms and WMS softwares.

We have our own IT support and API descriptions to make implementation a breeze.
RePack store management, vouchers and reporting

Our affiliate program allows you to gain new customers from the broader RePack community.

While you create the vouchers, we track analytics from your account and produce reports.
Microsite to help you communicate RePack

No need to integrate RePack information or make changes in your website.

Our microsite makes RePack communication simple and easy.

Cost neutral pricing

RePack is an option in your checkout that your customers choose and pay for, making it cost neutral for you.

Environmentally friendly and free? Yes.
Additional sales from RePack users.

Our voucher platform brings you new customers.

Data shows that up to 60% of RePack vouchers are claimed.

Need new customers? We deliver.
End of life guarantee

We take back all RePack packaging, guaranteed.

Damaged packages are upcycled to new products or material is recycled.

You don’t have to worry about packaging related product responsibility costs.

Circular Economy in action

RePack is the easiest way to implement circular economy in e-commerce.

We also help you to clearly communicate the environmental benefits of RePack.

Like 80% less CO2. Or no trash.
Social sustainability

Packages are handled by Social workers association, employing people with disabilities giving your and RePack a social sustainability aspect.

Environmentally and socially sustainable? Absolutely!
Take back programs

Are you looking to launch take back programs online? We can help.

Our platform helps ou to create engaging customer take back programs with easy implementation.

We want to hear from you