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Success Stories | RePack x Scandinavian Outdoor

30% increase in Average order value with RePack

Finland's biggest outdoor retailer successfully removing packaging trash
Scandinavian Outdoor is a Finnish retail and online store chain.

Their journey started over 40 years ago with the sale of scout badges. Scandinavian Outdoor continues the tradition of Partiovaruste - company founded in 1970.

Today their team serves customers with a comprehensive selection of outdoor clothing and equipment, not forgetting scouting items!
Reusable packaging at Scandinavianoutdoor.com - In practise
Early in our RePack journey we believed our brand promise of sustainable packaging would fit in well with outdoor people and retailers. But it wasn’t as straight forward..

From a startup point of view it took forever (12 months+) to convince the good people at Scandinavianoutdoor.com that RePack is a good fit for their customers.

In the spring 2016 RePack was made available for Finnish customers and for domestic deliveries as an option at a price of 3,50 €. The cost of RePack to Scandinavian Outdoor was covered by the consumer, making RePack cost neutral.

Following a successful order delivery empty packaging was dropped into a postbox and returned to RePack’s logistics hub for cleaning and redistribution.
RePack as an option to begin with
Value proposal to the end user was simple.

Choose RePack in the checkout and pay 3,50 €. Once returned you get a 10% voucher off your next purchase. Save money & nature.

Then the orders started rolling in. And we started learning.
First learning leads to new packaging development
Quickly we discovered that people in the warehouse had difficulties fitting the bigger items into RePack packages.

This resulted into packaging co-development, where a new L-size was developed - 45 litre monster bag that fits in just about everything that Scandinavian Outdoor sells. (Skis still don’t fit but we’ll fix that too!)
Idea - Reward best customers with no trash delivery
First year showed signs of promise but the volumes weren’t exactly what we were hoping for.

We thought about several ideas how to increase our volume while benefitting Scandinavian Outdoor and its customers.

So we pitched an idea; Free RePack for higher order value.

Objectives were to increase the average order value, increase RePack delivery volumes and give best customers a sustainable shopping experience resulting in improved customer loyalty.

In the summer 2017 the model was piloted with orders above 99€ packed in RePack.
Average order value increase of 28%
When RePack was available only as an option RePack users average order value was 25% higher than average customers.

I can be argued that RePack was not be the main reason for higher order value but it was appealing to Scandinavian Outdoor's higher spending customers.

Once an average order model was introduced it further increased RePack users Average order value by 28%. In this case we argue that RePack indeed increases AOV when offered as a reward for higher order value.

In addition to increased AOV Scandinavian Outdoor saved close to 20% in disposable packaging costs.
"Package is our business card"
"When we started working together with RePack back in 2014 we truly believed that RePack is the right choice for sustainable packaging and that our customers would think the same.

After three years we are happy to say that now we don’t just have to believe – the numbers of satisfied customers and reduced packaging costs prove it.

When our web store customers receive their products, the package is our business card.

We are an outdoor retailer and we want to make sure that future generations have the possibility to live in a clean and healthy environment too – that is why we RePack is our partner in sustainable packaging."

Jussi Hämäläinen
CDO Scandinavian Outdoor