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Finlayson x RePack product take-back

Online take-back campaign

This iconic Finnish company was founded by a Scotsman James Finlayson in 1820. Company values have always been sustainability, unique courage and open-mindedness. Here are just some of the highlights:

The company had its own hospital, daycare centre, school, fire brigade, pharmacy and nursing home. The company even its own social security system at a time when no one had yet heard of such a thing.

More significantly, Finlayson was the first company in Finland to offer women an opportunity to an independent life: an apartment and livelihood.

Now Finlayson has a goal of being the most transparent textiles company in the world.
Fair pricing for consumers and Finlayson
Finlayson has offered RePack in their webstore as an option since 2016 for a fee of 1,70€ per order.

Once a RePack is returned, the customer is rewarded with a 10% voucher at Finlayson or any other store using RePack.

The reward model is the same as with just about every other RePack partnership, but unlike many others, Finlayson charges less for choosing RePack. Their thinking is that since they believe in the values and benefits of RePack, they want as many of their customers to choose it as possible.

Why is RePack fee 3,50 € in most stores? Our price includes not just the packaging but prepaid returns too. So an empty RePack return is always paid for.

In RePack all environmental costs are included, unlike in single use packaging that gets a freebie from its negative environmental impacts.

In addition to replacing disposable delivery packaging, Finlayson has included RePack in their circular economy program.
Engaging customers with take-back programs
We are all familiar with product take-back campaigns in brick and mortar.

The setup is simple - take your old clothes back and pick up a reward at the store.

Product take-back and material upcycling have been the focus of Finlayson’s circular economy efforts. In February 2017, for example, they collected 11 tonnes of worn denim from their Finnish customers which were then upcycled into towels and sold again in retail stores and online.

Before RePack take-back campaigns were exclusive to the offline environment, limiting participation in case of geographical or other constraints. At the time of writing Finlayson and RePack have run three take back campaigns for different textiles in the online environment and the RePack option has grown in popularity with every campaign.
World premiere: Online take-back campaign
For Finlayson denim take-back campaign the set up was simple.

A landing page was built where the customer could either locate the nearest Finlayson store or order an empty RePack to be delivered to their home, for free. If RePack was chosen it was delivered within a day by the postman as part of normal letter mail.

Once received, old textiles were packed into the RePack and returned directly to Finlayson warehouse, again free of charge to the end user.

Take back RePack’s had been pre-tagged for identification and once the textiles had been removed, the RePack was checked, stocked and prepared for a new job, be it in the campaign or as a regular delivery packaging. Participating customers were rewarded with a 30% voucher, reward exclusively available to Finlayson customers only.
Happy customers and new discoveries
Finlayson was absolutely delighted with the campaign as close to 6500 pieces of jeans were returned and of which roughly 10% online in a RePack.

They were also happy with the voucher use during the campaign.

Finlayson discovered there’s a lot of customer potential outside our stores for take-back campaigns, this was possible thanks to RePack. It was an important discovery for the development of our eCommerce activities.

Customer feedback was extremely positive with a measure Net Promoter Score of 84% and a lot of people we excited to discover an alternative return channel to the stores.
”The world is drowning in packaging trash – that's why we want to deliver more and more RePack's”
Petri Pesonen, Creative Director, Finlayson

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