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Kiezbett x RePack

Bed deliveries by bike? How on earth?

Berlin-based startup company Kiezbett designs and produces sustainable home furniture.

Kiezbett beds have sustainability at their core. They use only local wood materials harvested near Berlin, and the beds are handcrafted by local craftsmen and delivered by bicycle messengers.

How well would you sleep knowing all this?
According to the Kiezbett philosophy, they wanted the delivery packaging to be sustainable, reusable and trash free. It also had to be

- Durable
- Lightweight
- Look cool
- Be easy to pack and unpack
- Foldable when not in use

Oh, and did we mention they are delivered by bicycle messengers? Quite a challenge.

Kiezbett beds are solid wood and weight over 60kg.

Since bicycle messengers are allowed to carry packages up to 24kg, it was decided to divide the bed into three separate packages: side parts, gable parts and bed base.

As pine wood is softwood material it was important that all components were well protected.
Co-created custom packaging
Based on these specifications a first prototype, or a minimum viable product (MVP) as they’re now called in the startup world, was built.

Our Head of Design, Juha Mäkelä was responsible for the product and built the MVP ready for the first co-creation session with the Kiezbett team in Berlin.

In the workshop, the MVP was evaluated with real bed components. The MVP design was balanced to get the ergonomics right and tuned for fit for different sizes of beds.

Based on the successful workshop a second design cycle started and MVP #2 was built, again in-house by us and tested with Velogista messengers who evaluated its suitability for their needs.

Following a successful delivery test, the bed was ready for manufacturing.

RePack responsibilities in the design process were concept design, prototyping, iterations, and production. The project was transferred from sketches to production in 12 weeks.
More than one hundred beds have been shipped already and the RePack package has been truly successful.

Kiezbett customers see and feel the sustainability of their purchase even before their first good night sleep.
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