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RePack at Supergoods

Supergoods has chosen to use reusable RePack as the delivery packaging for all of its products. On this page you can find information how RePack works at Supergoods:

If you need more information or help, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

A quick look: how RePack works

Follow these simple steps to pick and use RePack at Supergoods:

  1. Do your shopping normally at add the products you like to your shopping cart.
  2. No action is reqiured at the checkout as your purhcase is automatically delivered in a RePack. How easy is that? However, please note that if your purchase does not fit into a RePack, it will be shipped in regular packaging.
  3. Next your purchase will be delivered to you
  4. Open your RePack. If there are tape/stickers, please remove them gently so that the package is not damaged. The RePack itself is closed/open with an easy-to-use velcro.
  5. Return your empty RePack: turn the attached address label saying "Reply paid" visible on top of the package, close it with the velcro and drop it into the nearest post box.
  6. Notice: Undefined index: userDataDeliveryModel in /var/data/www/repac01/html/v2/pub/microsite/index.php on line 261 Wait for your reward: after RePack has processed your returned package you will receive an email with a link to the RePack marketplace, where you can select your discount voucher to any RePack using store
  7. Use your voucher: Save money off from your next purchase at any RePacking store. If you choose to use it at Supergoods, your discount will be 10%!

Why Supergoods chose RePack as their packaging option

To encourage you to return your RePack you will save money from your next purchase when choosing RePack, as you are rewarded with a voucher after returning your package. The voucher can be used to all stores that are RePacking.

Supergoods has made using RePack super simple. It is their packaging of choice, so you don't have to do any extra steps to reduce packaging trash. Please note that not all products may not fit into a RePack, so regular packaging might be used as well.

Supergoods offers the best eco+fair fashion from brands like ArmedAngels, Dedicated, Kings Of Indigo, Veja and Kowtow. Check also the organic cosmetics and accessories. Good Stuff For Good People!

How much does it cost to use RePack

Supergoods charge 3.5 euros deposit for orders under 149 euros for almost all European countries.

But don't worry! After returning your RePack you will be rewarded with a voucher which value is more than the packaging cost you paid. If you choose to use your voucher at Supergoods, your discount will be 10%.

How to return the empty RePack

Returning your empty RePack is easy! Turn the attached address label saying "Reply paid" visible on top of the package, close it with the included velcro and drop it into the nearest post box.

What if I need to return some or all of my purchases

The RePack with the purchases need to be returned to Supergoods. Customer return instructions are inside the packaging. If you received no instructions, please follow these instructions at Supergoods website. Also note when closing the RePack:

  • Close the RePack with the included velcro and with some tape (it can be any tape).
  • Use extra tape to seal the RePack if necessary and then send it back to Supergoods via post or by using the courier company you choose.
  • Please do not turn visible the other address label (having the package id code).