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Hello! I am RePack.

Your returnable and reusable packaging.
Simply return me and I will reward you.
Interested in RePacking your store?
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Here are just some of the brands that are RePacking.

Filippa K Finlayson MAKIA MUD Jeans Scandinavian Outdoor Varusteleka

The word on the street

We've offered the option to use RePack to our customers and so far there has been only positive feedback. Now we are working on new ideas on how to take RePack even deeper into our customer care.

Samuli Heino
Samuli Heino
Department of Smoke and Mirrors at

Who would want to generate more trash into this world?

RePack was a no-brainer. Simplicity and sustainability are our core values, and RePack combines two of them beautifully.

Viivi Arela
Viivi Arela
Communications Director

This is what I look like

From hardcovered packages to sexy sleeves and goodie bags for events, I've got you covered. I'm highly customisable too.

Download our product presentation here!
Big and small RePack


Simple and stylish. RePack's fashion packaging serves clothing brands across the world. Folding your clothes and shipping them in me is as easy as it gets. Simple, sexy and durable.
RePack for fashion


Combine your offline and online stores with my omnichannel packaging. Easy to carry and simple to return. My omnichannel solution brings your offline customers back online.
RePack for omnichannel

Why pick me?

Why pick RePack?



I replace disposable packaging for good.


I'm a no-brainer. Why order or ship trash?
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RePacking is a movement. A smart bunch of people and businesses who all win.


Packaging trash is a huge global problem.
I can easily be used at least 20 times.

I am making headlines

Guardian Dezeen Wirtschaftswoche Yle DR Norwegian Arctic Startup GB Times Onlinehändler Talouselämä Venture Village
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My figures


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RePack web stores

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Let's get you RePacking!

Ready to remove packaging trash?

I am always looking for new web stores and brands to work with.

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