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RePack is a reusable and returnable packaging service.

It's an investment to your customer experience.

RePack, market place for new sales

Reusable packaging

Our reusable packages are designed to fold into letter size when empty and returned to a postbox, anywhere in the world.

Bags are and made of durable and recycled materials and come in three adjustable sizes.

Best of all, RePack reduces CO2 emissions by up to 80% and there is no trash.
RePack, prepaid returns

Reward model

RePack is unlike any other packaging out there.

RePack is supported by a reward system that supports voucher use, charity donations or loyalty programs.

RePack helps you to improve your customer experience and generates new sales, with a sustainable twist.
RePack, reusable packaging

Delivered as a Service

RePack is reuse as a service.

RePack fee covers the bag and a global, empty packaging return.

Returning an empty RePack is free of charge, anywhere in the world.

We take the packaging back, check it, clean it and redistribute it.

What’s not to like?


Here are some of the brands that have upgraded to reusable delivery packaging

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The word on the street

Reusable packaging solutions are the most responsible solution we have for packaging right now, so it made total sense for us to partner with RePack and bring this solution to the GANNI Community.

Viivi Arela
Lauren Bartley
Head of
Sustainability & CSR
Ganni A/S
Filippa K wants to inspire a movement of mindful consumption. In our quest to find more sustainable packaging solutions that create less waste, we found RePack – offering a reusable alternative and a high-valued service for our customers

Viivi Arela
Elin Larsson
Director of Sustainability
Filippa K


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This is RePack packaging

Our reusable and returnable delivery packaging designed with reuse in mind. It's durable and will last a minimum of 20 cycles and is suitable for goods that don't need protection during transport.

The reusable packaging is made from recycled materials and protects the goods better than any other single-use packaging out there. Packaging is adjustable and does not ship any air, saving money and nature.

All reusable packages are designed to fold into letter size when empty and are simply returned to a postbox, anywhere in the world, free of charge.

Download our product presentation here!
Big and small RePack

Sustainable statement

Simple and stylish statement and a concrete solution.

RePack's reusable and returnable bags serve apparel brands across the world.

It's simple, sexy and sustainable.
RePack for fashion

Using RePack is very easy

RePack simply replaces your single-use delivery packaging. Pack the goods, seal it and it's ready to go.

Once received, the seal and goods are removed and empty RePack is simply folded into letter size and returned to be reused.

RePack for omnichannel

New to reusable packaging?

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What do you get?

Why pick RePack?


More Loyal Customers

RePack users buy often and spend 30% more on average. They are eCommerce heavy users.

Better Customer Experience

RePack users have an average Net Promoter Score of 79%.

Your customers won't just like it - they will love it!
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Strong Marketing Message

The world is drowning in trash.

Be part of the solution and engage with your customers with a unique reusable delivery packaging.

Concrete Solution

RePack removes single-use packaging trash and is delivered as a service for your convenience.

RePack in the media.

RePack in Vogue RePack in Utopia RePack in MarMai Guardian Wirtschaftswoche Yle Norwegian

Some stuff we won.

Nordic Council Environment Prize DI Award Fennia Prize Green Alley Award Climate KIC Award

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26 January 2020
Ispo, Munich

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